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School History

In The Beginning...Genesis Christian School

In the spring of 1996, parents came together to think about a Christian school alternative where parent’s voices were heard concerning their child’s education. It was their desire to have parents, teachers, and students working together like a family in a secure, Christian environment.

Genesis Christian Church of the Nazarene, formerly known as Port Charlotte Church of the Nazarene, opened their doors to help start the Christian school in Port Charlotte we now know as Genesis Christian School. The school started their first year in the fall of 1996 with six staff members and eighty-six students.  After the first year, Genesis Christian School officially became a ministry of Genesis Christian Church of the Nazarene.

Since the school began there have been many transformations that have only been possible through God and His many blessings. Many parents have volunteered their time and expertise to the school and their student’s classrooms while others have donated hours of work and materials to make our campus what it is today. The first cottage was purchased to move students out of the main building and allow room for growth. The next year the second cottage was purchased to add classroom space and provide room for more grades. Eventually, the church’s fellowship hall became the lunchroom and the kids no longer had to eat lunch in their classrooms. Donations began to pour in by families and local partners to increase our campus facilities and improve the already existing classrooms. God blessed Genesis in those years with a fully functioning playground complete with all the equipment you can think of and additional cottages to accommodate the amazing growth of the school.

God has helped Genesis identify their purpose: to provide a quality christian education, where each child is encouraged to develop to their fullest potential academically, emotionally,   and spiritually.

Over the almost 20 years that Genesis Christian School has been in existence, families’ lives have been changed spiritually and scholastically through our ministry.

At Genesis, learning truly is just the beginning!